About DTT by L. Green

DTT by L. Green is a Hand Crafted Jewelry Company that prides itself on creating handcrafted, unique and exquisite pieces that speak to each client's fashion desires.

DTT by L. Green offers 2 jewelry lines: DTT by L. Green and DTT Luxe by L. Green.

DTT by L. Green is for the consumer who is looking for an unique piece of hand crated jewelry that will turn heads without breaking the bank.  These pieces can be worn everyday for any occasion.  They can be worn with work attire and easily transitioned to special occasion attire.  The DTT by L. Green collection features jewelry handmade for Men, Women & Children.  This collection feature necklaces, bracelets and simple rings.

The DTT by L. Green line also Business Logo Jewelry.  Take your company logo and transform it into wearable art so Entrepreneurs or Company Reps can always wear their brand!

The DTT Luxe by L. Green Collection is for the consumer who wants a more exclusive & exquisite piece of jewelry.  This collection feature pieces made of genuine gemstones and rare materials found thought the world.  The DTT Luxe by L. Green Collection features jewelry handmade for Men & Women only.  This collection features exquisite necklaces,  earrings & wire rings, exotic bracelets and to die for earrings.

The uniqueness about the DTT by L. Green Brand is that Clients will always receive Impeccable Customer Service, One on One Design and Styling Consultations with LaTasha Green, the designer and a Hand Crafted Masterpiece made just for them!